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What are the common problems encountered when printing food bags?

(1)Poor ink flowCauses: ① The ink dries too fast; ② The viscosity is too high; ③ The quality of the oil is too highnot good.Solution: ① Use slow drying solvent; ② Dilute with solvent; ③ Change ink. (2)Magnetic inkCauses: ①Ink viscosity is too low; ②Ink drying too fast; ③Printing speedToo slow; ④ ink quality problem. •Solution: ① Increase the viscosity and add less diluent; ② Use slow-drying solvent; ③Speed up the printing speed; ④ change the ink. (3)poor dryingCauses: ① There is less drier in the ink; ② Too much slow-drying solvent is used; ③ DryingInsufficient drying time and temperature; ④ There is a problem with the quality of the ink.Solution: ①Increase drier; ②Reduce the amount of slow drying solvent; ③Increase dryingDrying time and temperature; ④Replace ink. (4)sticky pageCauses: ①Ink drying is too slow; ②Insufficient drying temperature and time; ③PrintingBrush material, improper storage; excessive temperature or pressure.Solution: ①Use quick-drying ink; ②Increase the drying temperature and increase the drying time③ Improve storage, prevent pressure and reduce room temperature. (5)print throughCauses: ①The ink itself is bad; ②The wrong solvent is used; ③The substrate is bad.Solution••①Change the ink; ②Use the specified solvent; ③Replace the substrate. (6)smellCauses: ①Insufficient drying; ②The solvent smells bad; ③The oil itself is badstink.

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