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What are the common problems with film rolls for automatic packaging machines?

1.Uneven tension, uneven film roll tension is usually manifested in that the inner layer of the film roll is too tight and the outer layer is loose. If this film roll is used on an automatic packaging machine, it will cause the packaging machine to run unstable, and the bag size will be uneven. Membrane offset. The phenomenon of excessive edge sealing deviation, etc., causes the packaged products to fail to meet the quality requirements. 2.The end face is not flat, usually the end face of the film roll is required to be smooth, and the unevenness exceeds2mmIt will be judged as unqualified and will usually be rejected. The film roll with uneven end surface will also cause unstable operation of the automatic packaging machine, deviation of film pulling, and excessive deviation of edge sealing. 3.The wavy surface means that the surface of the film roll is not flat and wavy. This quality defect will also directly affect the running performance of the film roll on the automatic packaging machine, and affect the quality of the final packaging product, such as the tensile properties of packaging materials, Deterioration of sealing strength or printed pattern, deformation of forming bag, etc., if this quality defect is very obvious, such a film roll cannot be used on an automatic packaging machine, 4.The slitting deviation is too large, and the slitting deviation of the film roll is usually required to be controlled within2-3mmHowever, if the slitting deviation is too large, it will affect the overall effect of the forming bag, such as pattern position deviation. Incomplete, forming bag asymmetrical, etc. 5.The quality of the joints is poor. The quality of the joints is generally the requirements for the number of joints, the quality of the joints and the marking of the joints. The joints of the film rolls should be flat, smooth and firm, and should not overlap and overlap. The joint position is preferably in the middle of the two patterns, and the adhesive tape should not be too thick. , otherwise the film will be stuck, the film will be broken and the machine will be stopped, which will affect the normal operation of the automatic packaging machine. Moreover, the joint should be marked with tomorrow’s mark, which is convenient for inspection, operation and processing. 6.Deformation of the roll core, the deformation of the roll core will cause the film roll to not be properly installed on the film roll clamp of the automatic packaging machine. The main reason for the deformation of the film roll core is that the roll core is damaged during storage and transportation, and the roll film tension is too large to crush the roll core. , the quality of the core is poor, the strength is low, etc. For the film roll with the deformation of the core, it is usually returned to the supplier for rewinding and replacement of the core. 7.The direction of the film roll is wrong. Most automatic packaging machines have certain requirements on the direction of the film roll, such as bottom end first or top Mr. This is mainly based on the structure of the packaging machine and the design of the packaging product decoration pattern. If the film roll is in the wrong direction and needs to be rewound, 8.The number of bags is insufficient. Usually the film roll is measured in length, such as kilometer per roll. The specific value is mainly based on the maximum outer diameter and load capacity of the film roll suitable for the packaging machine.Depends. 9.Product damage, product damage mostly occurs in the stage from slitting to delivery, mainly including film roll damage, film roll pollution, and outer packaging damage. 10.If the product label is incomplete, the film roll should have a clear and complete product label. The main content should include: product name, specification, packaging quantity, order number, production date, quality and supplyThis is mainly to meet the needs of delivery acceptance, storage and delivery, production use, quality tracking, etc., to avoid wrong delivery and use.Even

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