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What are the commonly used nut food packaging bag types and packaging materials?

1. Commonly used packaging bags 1, Flexible packaging (or paper packaging): For bulk nut food packaging bags, such flexible packaging can be used, and the packaging bags are not filled with any substances.The material of the bag is generally made of composite packaging material, but according to the barrier properties of different materials, the shelf life of the packaging bags made is also different. Therefore, nut food packaging bags need to meet the requirements of good barrier properties and puncture resistance, so as to withstand the impact of nuts. 2Vacuum packaging (plastic flexible packaging): Vacuuming will extend the shelf life of the product to a certain extent, preventing the aroma of nuts from volatilizing and the deterioration of oil. The material of the vacuum bag will be relatively soft, so that the nuts can fit completely. 3, Inflatable packaging (also plastic flexible packaging): Nitrogen is an inert gas that can prevent the oxidative deterioration of nuts. Therefore, it is required that such an inflatable packaging bag has better gas barrier properties.2. Commonly used nut edible packaging bag materials 1, kraft paper/Al/LDPE,OPP/VMPET/PE, paper/VMPET/PE: Commonly used in the packaging of melon seeds. 2,PA/PE,KPA/PE: Commonly used in packaging of creamed peanuts. 3, paper/PE, paper/VMPET/PE,OPP/VMPET/PE,PET/VMPET/PE: It is often used in the packaging of small-sized nuts such as pistachios. 4,KPET/PEIt has good oil resistance and moisture resistance. It is used for the packaging of nut food with high fat content. 5,KPET/CPP(orPE):KPETYesBOPETSingle-sided coating film, suitable for packaging composite film of peanuts, dried fruits, etc.

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