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What are the costs of custom packaging bags?

In the packaging industry, in order to differentiate from the peers, we will specifically find manufacturers who customize packaging bags and customize packaging bags. Do you know what costs are required for custom packaging bags? The following Shenzhen yltpacking packaging bag custom manufacturers will give you an analysis. First: the cost of plate making. The cost of plate making is to find a plate making factory to make printing molds when customers need to print plastic bags. Plate-making costs are borne by customers themselves. The plastic packaging bag manufacturer only accepts it for printing on his behalf, which is the plate making fee. The plate making fee is only applicable to customers who do not have printing molds. In other words, if the customer has a printing mold, then there is no need to pay for the plate making fee. However, Shenzhen yltpacking is the first company in Guangdong to order the HPIndigo20000 digital printing machine. After the user’s manuscript is confirmed to be ok, it can immediately start printing packaging bags, see the effect on the spot, and change it on the spot without waiting. The time spent on the disadvantages of copperplate printing is removed, and the printing effect can be seen in 10 minutes from printing to production of finished composite packaging bags. Second: the cost of design Generally, plastic packaging bag manufacturers can help customers design typesetting for free, of course, the need to charge is not ruled out. The design fee refers to the merchant’s first production of plastic packaging bags, because the customer does not know what to print and how to print the finished product for the first time. He needs the help of a plastic packaging bag manufacturer or a design company to design a plastic packaging bag. The cost of this is the design fee. Third: Freight

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