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What are the dangers of food in plastic bags?

Today’s office workers are prone to packing their food in plastic bags. But do you know the dangers of packing in plastic bags? “Mala Tang take away or eat here?””take away.”As soon as the customer’s voice fell, the owner of the snack bar skillfully picked up a transparent white plastic bag, poured the freshly cooked Mala Tang with soup and vegetables into it, and added another bag outside. Many customers next to the breakfast point took the initiative to ask for more plastic bags outside the breakfast, thinking it would be more hygienic. But is this really the case?Non-edible plastic bags damage human immunity, affect intelligence, and can cause dizziness,Gallstones. At present, the plastic bags used in the market mainly include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. Among them, the plastic bags made of polyethylene and polypropylene can be used to hold food, and the plastic shopping bags used for food must be marked”for food”typeface. Most plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride are toxic. If they are used to package food, they will cause certain harm to human health. E.g:destroy immunitySome plastic bags and paper lunch boxes will add some whitening agents and fluorescent powders. In addition to being potentially carcinogenic, they will also damage the body’s immunity.cause blood system diseasesThe polyvinyl chloride contained in non-food plastic bags, after being heated, is prone to produce dioxins and other harmful substances, causing liver and kidney, central nervous system and blood system diseases.carcinogenicThe ingredients of plastic bags for food are mostly polyethylene.110It is not easy to decompose below degrees Celsius, so the installation temperature does not exceed100It is generally no problem when the food is watery in degrees Celsius. However, the temperature of fried foods such as fritters that have just come out of the pan far exceeds the tolerance temperature of the food bag, which may lead to the production of harmful substances. Mild cases may cause dizziness and nausea, while severe cases may cause cancer. If pregnant women are poisoned, there is a high chance of fetal malformations.cause gallbladder and kidney stonesUnqualified hard plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags mostly contain industrial calcium carbonate and paraffin. Calcium carbonate can cause constipation or gallbladder and kidney stones, which can be reflected in the human body in a few months or a few years; paraffin can cause diarrhea.affect intelligenceIf the heavy metals in plastic bags exceed the standard, it will affect the blood system and mental development. The plastic bags for breakfast are mostly disposable plastic bags. Disposable plastic bags contain various viruses, bacteria and carcinogens, which can be produced at high temperatures.16A toxic substance that can seep into food. It will not only damage the liver and kidneys of people, but also may interfere with human endocrine, resulting in decreased fertility and male feminization.Therefore, for our own health and to protect the environment, we should minimize the use of disposable plastic tableware. When dining out, you can bring your own lunch box, which is hygienic, environmentally friendly, and will not harm your health.Summarize the abovePlease be careful not to pack food in plastic bags in the future.

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