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What are the factors that affect the gloss of the ink layer?

When the film material remains unchanged, the gloss of the ink layer is also affected by the following factors. ①The stronger the solvent has the ability to dissolve the ink, the better the ink dissolves, and the gloss of the ink layer is relatively good. The working viscosity is suitable, which is conducive to the leveling of the ink, and the gloss of the ink film is better. Ink deterioration, solvent imbalance, excessive dilution and solvent impact not only affect printing performance, but also damage the ink structure, causing separation of pigment and resin oil, often significantly reducing the gloss of the ink layer. ②The binder not only plays the role of dispersing the pigment, but also plays the role of protecting the pigment and presenting the luster. Adding an appropriate amount of varnish within the allowable range of color density can improve the gloss of the ink layer to a certain extent. ③ Generally speaking, appropriately reducing the drying speed of the ink is beneficial to improve the gloss of the ink layer. If the ink dries too fast, the overprinted ink will easily turn white and appear dull; if the ink dries too slowly, failures such as adhesion will occur, which will make the ink layer lose its luster. ④ If the angle of the squeegee is too large or the squeegee is too sharp (such as a new blade), the printed ink layer will lack luster. On the contrary, it is beneficial to improve the gloss of the ink layer. ⑤During the printing process, the solvent volatilizes quickly and the ink film dries quickly. Due to the effect of evaporation and heat dissipation, it absorbs the heat around the ink film and causes the water vapor in the air to condense sharply, forming mist on the surface of the printing ink film, making the ink layer Loss of luster, this effect will be more pronounced in high humidity environments. For more technical knowledge of packaging bags, please enter: Packaging bags, food packaging bags, !

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