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What are the functional requirements that inks for printing milk packaging film should meet?

The functional requirements that the ink for printing milk packaging film should meet are as follows: 1, Strong adhesion to polyethylene film. The ink used for printing milk packaging film should have high affinity and adhesion to the substrate material (polyethylene film), strong adhesion and good printing fastness, which are the prerequisites to ensure high-quality prints and good printing results. . 2Strong wear resistance and scratch resistance. Since the surface printing ink is printed on the outer surface of the film, it is affected by friction during the circulation of goods. If the ink film is not resistant to friction, the ink layer will fall off, resulting in incomplete printing patterns and affecting product appearance and quality. 3, Excellent water resistance. During the process of ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and hydrogen peroxide sterilization, the surface of milk packaging film will be exposed to water or water vapor, so the printing ink used must have excellent water resistance and will not fade when encountering water. 4, Excellent heat resistance and freezing resistance. After ultra-high temperature sterilization, the printing ink used in milk packaging film cannot soften the ink, stick and fade, discoloration and other phenomena. In addition, after the shading refrigerated treatment, that is, the ink layer does not freeze and fall off in the shading state. Phenomenon. 5, Outstanding antioxidant properties. Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties, and it is required that the ink should not fade after hot hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

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