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What are the main types of aluminum foil printing inks?

At present, the inks used in aluminum foil printing are mainly divided into two categories:The first category is mellow polyamide inks.When this type of ink is printed on aluminum foil, various excellent properties can be exhibited, and the heat resistance can also meet the requirements of aluminum foil printing and use process. One of the most widely used types of printing with aluminum foil. However, this type of ink is not a special ink for aluminum foil surface printing after all. The problem is that the ink peeling phenomenon has occurred when printing on a large surface of aluminum foil.The second type is special ink for aluminum foil with vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate copolymer resin and acrylic resin as the main components.This is a newly developed gravure printing ink, which is characterized by bright color, high concentration, particularly strong adhesion to aluminum foil, good transparency, and excellent reproducibility of the metal gloss of aluminum foil. However, since it is a gravure printing ink, its solvent has a high volatility, and when it is used for aluminum foil surface printing, it is easy to cause the ink in the gravure roller to dry and cause a smearing phenomenon, which affects the printing quality.

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