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What are the materials of the water bag?

Packaging is manufactured from paper, cardboard, flexible plastic film, rigid plastic, metal, glass, wood or fabric and various composite materials. Flexible packaging, corrugated boxes and folding carton printing in packaging printing in folding water bags account for as much as two-thirds of all packaging printing. They are printed with printing inks of various properties, and are often applied with varnishing or composite processing. Packaging and its decorative design are protected.Much of the paper and cardboard produced in North America comes primarily from wood grown on large farms, especially in the southeastern United States, where wood has largely replaced cotton as the most important agricultural production crop. In the Northwest United States, there are still some by-products such as wood chips from pulpwood mills for paper and cardboard production.In tropical countries, sugarcane is the main source of bagasse fiber, which does not have the fine fibers contained in wood, but is suitable for making corrugated cardboard such as corrugated boxes. This corrugated box requires special coating for direct printing.Most of the packaging material in portable water bottle bags can be recycled, and paper recycled fiber has many unique features. It has a smoother surface and higher paper opacity than paper and cardboard made from virgin pulp. Often contains more impurity substances. In Europe, when recycled paperboard is used for paperboard packaging, the recycled paperboard without deinking treatment can be coated with kaolin or bleached to obtain fine packaging materials suitable for printing. Recycled corrugated board can be coated in different ways to obtain a variety of excellent printing properties, such as recycled processing reduces the length of the fiber, although the recycled board is not as strong as the virgin board, but the surface printing performance may be equally good or better. The transparent paper and cellophane that can match the plastic film in the nozzle bag material are actually packaging materials produced from wood pulp.Most of the plastic in portable outdoor hydration bags comes from non-renewable petroleum, but the supply may only be enough to last for decades.The cost of obtaining some pure metals is constantly increasing as the premium ores are dwindling and approaching depletion. However, the ore that can obtain metal aluminum and steel is still very rich. For example, the supply of ore required for making glass will hardly be exhausted, but not all ore sand raw materials are suitable for making glass.

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