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What are the materials of vacuum food packaging bags

What are the materials of vacuum food packaging bags?The main materials of food vacuum packaging bags are:PVDC(polyvinylidene chloride ), PE(polyethylene),PA(nylon),EVOH(vinyl/vinyl alcohol copolymer), aluminized film(aluminum+PE)etc., where PE(polyethylene)Material is a common material used to make food packaging bags.Food grade vacuum packaging bagFrom the point of view of use,PVDCCan be divided into the following categories:1.for extrusionPVDCresinFresh-keeping self-adhesive(single membrane): Military products, foodComposite film, food bag(single membrane): food, militaryMultilayer co-extruded film: food, medicine, military, packaging, beverageCasing film: food packaging, ham sausage, square ham, etc.2. PVDClatexComposite film, food packaging, military packaging, double-sided coating film, cigarette outer packaging, rigid sheet composite film, pharmaceutical blister packaging, aluminum foil composite, special medicine, equipment packaging, paper coating, food moisture-proof packaging.vacuum bagNylon film (PA)Nylon film is a very tough film with good transparency, good gloss, high tensile strength and tensile strength, and good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. It has excellent abrasion resistance and puncture resistance, and is relatively soft and has excellent oxygen barrier properties, but has poor water vapor barrier properties, high moisture absorption and moisture permeability, and poor heat sealing properties. It is suitable for packaging hard items, such as greasy Sex food, meat products, fried food, vacuum-packed food, retort food, etc.

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