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What are the mechanical factors that cause the bag making machine bag size to be inaccurate?

Mechanical fixed-length equipment, if the machining accuracy meets the design requirements, the new equipment will have an inaccurate fixed-length, it may be that the position of the bevel gear is not adjusted properly, because the position is not adjusted properly, it will be caused by mechanical inertia. allow. In addition, whether the keys and locking screws are loose, and whether there is oil on the brakes will affect the accuracy of the fixed length. However, if the equipment has been used for more than one year, it is necessary to check whether the mechanical transmission part has been worn, and whether the rubber roller with material slips due to wear, which will be the main reasons for the inaccurate fixed length.When the electric appliance is used to fix the length, the stepper motor has many similarities with the servo motor. At present, the stepper motor has a larger market share than the servo motor. Common stepper motors can be divided into weekly (360. )400step,480step,600Step, when purchasing the equipment, the required accuracy should be explained, so as to avoid insufficient accuracy.When the fixed length of the new equipment is inaccurate, first check whether the connection between the stepper motor and the belt rubber roller is well connected. Due to the vibration during transportation, the loosening of the screws and the loosening of the synchronous belt is likely to be the easiest. The reason for the inaccurate length.Secondly, check whether the rubber roller is not pressed in place, and whether the line is loose. You can also directly use the fixed-length method without material to determine whether it is a mechanical fault or an electrical fault, that is, multiply the circumference of the rubber roller by thepiAfter the number obtained, remove the decimal and input it into the computer. At the same time, make a record on the rubber roller and start the equipment. At this time, the rubber roller should go exactly one week. If it stops at the same position every turn, it means that the electrical part is good. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the rubber roller is clamped, because if the rubber roller is not clamped, the material will slip and the length will be inaccurate.

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