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What are the operational process factors that affect compound bubbles?

The operating process factors that affect the composite bubble are as follows: 1. The heating temperature at the front of the drying tunnel of the composite machine is too high. After the film coated with the glue layer enters, the surface of the glue layer is quickly crusted, forming a phenomenon of false drying, and the solvent in the skin of the glue layer Due to volatilization, the surface crust is broken and bubbles are formed. Second, the exhaust air volume of the drying tunnel is not enough. Three, the speed is too fast. 4. The pressure of the composite roller is insufficient or there are impurities on the roller. 5. Improper compound angle. It should be carefully adjusted to make the film enter in the tangential direction as much as possible. 6. The surface temperature of the composite preheating roller and the composite steel roller is too low. 7. A large amount of air is mixed in due to stirring and circulation during the preparation of the glue solution, which cannot be discharged in time during static defoaming, and is trapped in the composite membrane to form bubbles. More knowledge of composite bubbles and flexible packaging technology can be found in YLTpacking:,

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