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What are the packaging bag structures for frozen food?

There are two types of frozen food packaging bags: soft packaging bags and hard packaging bags. The soft type is based on plastic film, thick and hard packaging, such as slightly thicker paper packaging boxes, composite aluminum foil stamping containers, etc., the former accounts for a large proportion.Most of the frozen food packaging bags currently on the market adopt the following structure :of this structureOPP/LLDPEThe product can achieve moisture resistance, cold resistance, low temperature heat sealing tensile strength, etc., and the cost is relatively economical.with this structure(NY/LLDPE)Able to resist freezing, impact and puncture, relatively high cost, good packaging performance. PET/LLDPEandPET/NY/LLDPEandPET/VMPET/LLDPEAnd other structures are also used in frozen products, but the usage rate is relatively low.There is also a simple polyethylene bag.The packaging bag structure of frozen food is the structure commonly used to package low-temperature frozen products in the domestic market.

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