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What are the physical characteristics of the raw materials of biodegradable bags?

One of the biodegradable material components used in the production of biodegradable bags: polylactic acid ( PLA ),The blown film has good air permeability, oxygen permeability and carbon dioxide permeability, and it also has the property of isolating odor.With such characteristics, it can be processed to produce fresh-keeping film and fresh-keeping bags, and biodegradable bags produced from blown films containing polylactic acid components also have this characteristic. Therefore, the biodegradable bag made of biodegradable film can be used as a fresh-keeping bag to store fresh vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator. However, I also worry that viruses and molds are easy to attach to the surface of biodegradable bags, and there are doubts about safety and hygiene. However, polylactic acid is the only biodegradable material with excellent antibacterial and anti-mold properties, so biodegradable materials with polylactic acid components The biodegradable bag is a healthy and environmentally friendly bag with very high added value.Biodegradable bags under natural or industrial composting conditions180Naturally degraded into carbon dioxide and water, does not pollute the environment.

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