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What are the raw materials of fully biodegradable garbage bags?

The fiber material in the fully biodegradable plastic bag refers to a kind of plastic that can carry out organic chemistry.Microorganisms or physical functions, germs that exist in nature.bacteria.Microorganisms such as algae and plants, or enzymes in the body of animals and plants reduce the degradation or dissolution. Now we need to understand what are the raw materials of fully biodegradable plastic bags. 1.What are the raw materials of fully microbial degradable plastic bags? ?polylactic acid(PLA)It is the most common type of microbial bacteria to produce biodegradable fiber materials at this stage;Among organic synthetic biodegradable fiber materials, polyadipic acid/Butylene terephthalate(PBAT)The application is widespread, under the premise of the metal catalyst, the esterification reaction is carried out immediately.Prepared by polyaddition reaction, the structure is shown in the figure1-1displayed.PBATThe physical properties and production characteristics are similar, and the heat resistance is good, and extrusion can be used.injection molding.Production and processing of injection molding and other processes.Fully biodegradable plastic bag raw materialsNot like fully biodegradable packaging bag raw materialsPLA, PBATis a good extensibility.High elongation.low hardness raw materials,PBATofTgfor-30°C, crystal temperature110°C, melting temperature130°C, dissolution temperature375°C.PBATThe alicyclic soft segment has good dissolving properties under the action of microbial strains, and can be converted into microbial strains in the soil environment.CO2andH2O, the hard segment has good process performance.Temperature and impact resistance.


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