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What are the reasons for the inaccurate horizontal overprinting of web gravure printing?

The reasons for the inaccurate horizontal overprinting of web gravure printing are as follows. Now I will share with you: 1, The lateral shrinkage of the paper is related to the humidity of the paper itself.The water content of the roll paper before printing is different, resulting in inconsistent lateral registration. The solution is to add a preheating oven to the printing machine before printing, and try to control the water content of the paper before printing to be consistent. 2, According to practical experience, reserve shrinkage in the horizontal direction during plate making.Make the horizontal reserved shrinkage consistent with the actual shrinkage of the paper. 3The shrinkage rate of roll paper from different manufacturers is often inconsistent, and it is best to use the same manufacturer of roll paper for the same set. 4, Different water content of ink will produce different shrinkage rate.Therefore, the water content of the ink should be controlled so that the water content and viscosity of the ink before and after are consistent. 5. Control the temperature of the drying box. Different drying temperatures of the drying box will cause different evaporation rates of water, resulting in different lateral shrinkage rates. In actual operation, the drying box should maintain the same drying temperature every time. It can also be appropriately increased or decreased according to the actual horizontal overprinting error.

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