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What are the reasons for the occurrence of blisters and rotten bags after beef packaging is cooked at high temperature

Sand holes and rotten bags are common quality problems of flexible packaging products. Aluminum foil bags are currently commonly used packaging materials for flexible packaging products.usually byPET/AI/BOPA/CPPIt has good heat sealability and high temperature and high pressure resistance, as well as excellent shading and high barrier properties. However, after the aluminum foil bag is bent, it is easy to form pinholes and cause product spoilage. The products with blisters and rotten bags are mainly:1, rub the bag when filling or vacuuming,due to backlog of products;2, The vacuum tightness is not good, and it is not completely sealed;3, the product is punctured by sharp objects;4, The product has friction and impact during loading, unloading and handling.

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