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What are the reasons for the occurrence of blisters and rotten bags after the beef packaging is steamed at high temperature?

Beef is a relatively expensive meat food. When packaging beef food made from beef, it also chooses packaging bags made of aluminum foil. After steaming at high temperature, it is packaged, which can maximize beef products. of extended shelf life. However, problems such as blisters and rotten bags often occur in beef packaging bags after cooking. First of all, aluminum foil bag is a commonly used packaging material for flexible packaging products. It is usually composed of PET/AL/CPP. It has good heat sealability and high temperature and high pressure, as well as excellent shading and high barrier properties. However, it is easy to fold into pinholes after tortuous, resulting in product corruption and deterioration, and the occurrence of blisters and rotten bags is mainly caused by rubbing the bag and squeezing the product during bagging or vacuuming. The vacuum tightness is not good, the product is not completely sealed and is punctured by sharp objects, and the product has friction and impact during loading, unloading and handling. Therefore, to avoid trachoma and rotten bags, in addition to the beef packaging bags that must meet the national standards, packaging personnel are required to handle with care during the packaging process. During transportation and handling, pay attention to the outer packaging carton and handle it carefully. . High temperature cooking bags, all in YLTpacking packaging bag manufacturer:

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