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What are the reasons that affect the results of plastic tensile testing during the production of packaging bags?

Influence of test environment on plastic tensile testingThere are many factors that affect plastic tensile test data: such as vibration, temperature, humidity, personnel, etc. The most important factors are temperature and humidity.GB/T1040It is stipulated in the laboratory that the ambient temperature of the laboratory is (23±2°C, the relative humidity is (50±10)%.The tensile properties of thermoplastics are greatly affected by temperature, and the temperature is often high, the tensile strength is low, and the elongation is large, and vice versa. With the gradual increase of temperature, the tensile properties of thermoplastics will gradually change from hard and brittle to viscous, the tensile strength and tensile modulus of elasticity will decrease, and the elongation at break will increase simultaneously.The relative humidity in the experiment generally has a greater impact on plastics with relatively high water absorption. After the water absorption rate of some plastics increases, water molecules play the role of coupling agent and toughening agent in the plastic, thereby affecting the rigidity and toughness of the plastic. It can be seen from the above practice that the tensile property test of plastics must be carried out under constant temperature and humidity conditions.Influence of material testing machine on plastic tensile testingMaterial testing machine (also known as tensile machine) is an instrument specially used for testing the mechanical properties of materials. Market sales are mainly suitable for various physical and mechanical properties testing of plastic sheets, pipes, profiles, plastic films and rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coils, metal wires and other materials.The tension machine is used to apply mechanical force for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling and other mechanical properties tests of metal materials and non-metallic materials. The tension machine fixture is an important part of the instrument, and different materials require different fixtures . This is also an important factor in whether the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test data. In the tensile, bending, peeling, compression, tearing and other tests, the tensile test is to use the material testing machine and the sample specified in the standard to measure the tensile force, tensile strength, Elongation at break, breaking strength and other parameters.The load cell accuracy, speed control accuracy, fixture, coaxiality and data acquisition frequency are the main factors that affect the tensile test data of the material testing machine. The load cell is the core component of the material testing machine, and its accuracy directly affects the test data and deviation. The stretching speed is required to be smooth and uniform, and a high or low speed will affect the stretching results.During the test, the separation speed of the test machine fixture is determined bymm/minofor the unit. The design of the fixture is mainly manual and pneumatic. The coaxiality of the testing machine is not good, the tensile displacement is too large, the tensile strength will sometimes be affected, and the result is too small. The frequency of test data collection should also be moderate, otherwise the test data will be affected, and the peak value will be small.Influence of sample preparation and treatment on plastic tensile testingWhen doing various plastic tests, samples must be made according to the standard (in accordance withGB/T1040Partial preparation related to the tested material). Sample preparation

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