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What are the requirements for adhesives in pesticide bag packaging?

Due to the complex composition of pesticides, there are water-soluble pesticides and oil-based pesticides, and the corrosiveness is also quite different.At present, there is no dry reusable polyurethane adhesive in China or in the world.100%It can be applied to pesticide packaging bags without any delamination and leakage problems. It can be said that the overall requirements of pesticide packaging bags for adhesives are relatively high, especially in terms of corrosion resistance, grease resistance, and especially solvent resistance such as xylene. The prerequisite for the production of pesticide packaging bags is that the inner composite substrate requires good barrier properties and corrosion resistance. Secondly, the adhesive is required to have strong corrosion resistance, and an adaptability test must be done during production.50The curing room is placed at a high temperature of about ℃ for a week to see if the packaging bag is in good condition. If it is in good condition, it is basically determined that the packaging structure can hold the pesticide. If delamination or leakage has occurred, the side note cannot be packaged for this pesticide.

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