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What are the requirements for designing dried fruit food packaging bags

There are many kinds of dried fruit food packaging bags. Dried fruits are nut products such as almonds, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, peanuts, dried tangerine peels, dates, nuts, etc. What are the requirements for packaging dried fruits? Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags 1. It is very important to meet the requirements of food packaging materials. Food safety is very important. The food itself meets the requirements of food safety production. The packaging must meet the requirements of food packaging materials. Poor quality food bags cause fatal damage to products. Dried fruit is a daily consumption Products, dried fruit packaging meet QS food safety production requirements. 2. Novel design If a product wants to sell well, good design is essential. Dried fruit food packaging bags need to be designed in accordance with the characteristics of dried fruit, so that customers understand the product and buy it in time. Aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags 3. Reliable quality The quality of any product is the first, and the quality of packaging bags is particularly important. Poor quality packaging will break the bag, which will seriously affect the product and greatly reduce the quality of the product itself. In line with the above points, a dry fruit food packaging bag is designed. food bags, vacuum packaging bags

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