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What are the requirements for packaging bags of seasonings

What are the requirements for packaging bags of seasonings?1. BarrierBarrier ability to oxygen in the environment——It has been verified by the oxygen overdose test. If the oxygen overdose of the packaging bag is too large (that is, the barrier property is poor), it is easy to cause the protein, fat and other components in the sauce and bone broth to be oxidized, causing bacteria to multiply and appear moldy, swelling bags, etc. Quality issues.2. Physical and mechanical propertiesuniformity of thickness——The thickness of the packaging bag has been tested for verification. The uniformity of the thickness is the basis for ensuring the good performance of the packaging bag.flexibility——Peel strength, tensile strength through unpackaged seasoning packaging bags and packaged seasoning packaging bags·The elongation and elastic modulus tests are compared and verified to prevent the composite packaging bag from being intolerant of oil and grease, and the composite fastness between the layers of the film in the composite film is reduced, and even the packaging bag is delaminated and the barrier property is reduced.Slip——It is verified by the friction coefficient test to prevent the packaging bag from being difficult to unwind or slip due to the excessive or small friction coefficient, respectively.High temperature resistance——It is verified by the retort resistance test to prevent the packaging bags from having poor high temperature resistance when the finished packaging bags are retorted and sterilized as a whole, resulting in problems such as delamination, shrinkage, and bag breakage of the packaging bags after retort and sterilization.3. Hygienic performanceResidual amount of organic solvent——Through the solvent residue test, if the amount of solvent residue is too much, the packaging bag will have peculiar smell, and the residual solvent will more easily migrate into the seasoning under high temperature environment, resulting in the peculiar smell and affecting the health of consumers.

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