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What are the safety and hygiene problems of paper packaging materials?

Pure paper is harmless and non-toxic, but due to the contamination of raw materials for the production of packaging paper, or during processing, paper and cardboard usually contain some impurities, bacteria and certain chemical residues. Such as cleaners, coatings, modifiers, which affect the safety of packaged foodAt present, the main reasons for the safety problems of food packaging paper are:1, The problem of the raw material itself. The raw materials for the production of food packaging paper are not clean, there are pollution problems such as heavy metals and pesticide residues, or moldy raw materials are used, so that the finished products are stained with a lot of mold, and even socially recycled waste paper is used as raw materials, resulting in chemical residues. 2, The fluorescent whitening agent is added in the production process, so that the packaging paper and raw paper contain fluorescent chemical pollutants. 3, contains too high polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 4, Like plastic packaging materials, there are also ink pollution problems

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