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What are the specific quality requirements for the copper layer of the gravure cylinder?

What are the specific quality requirements for the copper layer of the gravure cylinder? 1.Layout requirements: no scratches, bumps, ramps, trachoma, larger grinding lines,The surface of the copper layer is smooth, no oxidation, no corrosion spots, fingerprints, twill, horizontal lines, no repair marks, dents 2.End face requirements: smooth chamfer arc, natural transition, brightThe end face is flat, the coating adhesion is good, and there is no end face peeling phenomenon.The plugging hole is smooth, no rust, no bumps, no corrosion, 3.Size requirements: the error of the complete set of cylinders cannot exceed 0.03mm,Taper, pin degree, ovality cannot be greater than0.02mm, the size header correlation difference of the large version is not more than0.03mm, the size of the small version does not differ by more than0.01mm< 4.Thickness requirements: The thickness of the copper layer is required to be the best and uniform. The copper layer is too thick, the copper material consumption is large, the copper layer is too thin, and the engraving needle is easy to be engraved on the steel, which is easy to wear and tearThe general quality standard isa.The thickness of one side of the flexible packaging version is100um, at least80umabove, b,The thickness of one side of the aluminum foil plate is150um,Minimum of100umabove, c, the thickness of one side of the paper version is250um, at least150umabove. 5.Hardness requirements: The engraved copper layer has a certain hardness, but if the hardness is too high, injections will occur, and the copper layer will have a certain hardness.Layer explosion phenomenon, and increase the cost, while the hardness is too low, the mesh is easy to deform,CY/T9–1994It is stipulated that the hardness of the copper plating layer should be180-240HV, practical experience has proved that the hardness of the copper layer is190-220HVThe optimum hardness is210HV,hardness in230HVThe above will cause serious injection phenomenon. At the same time, it is the most difficult to achieve uniform hardness distribution of the copper layer. It is necessary to establish the standard parameters of the copper plating process, strictly ensure good electrical conductivity, and ensure the uniform hardness of the copper layer.

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