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What categories are included in biodegradable plastic bags

Degradable plastic bags refer to packaging bags that degrade into chemical substances that are harmless to the natural environment under normal conditions or in the natural environment. As a new type of fiber material, degradable plastic bags are available in various types, and the technical road is also constantly being developed. From the perspective of materials, degradable plastic bags can not only come from petrochemical materials, but also from biomass degradation, photodegradation, air oxidation degradation, etc. From the perspective of degradation principle, degradable plastic bags include degradable plastic bags, photodegradable plastic bags, and air oxidation degradation plastic bags. From the perspective of degradation efficiency, they can be divided into”Complete”Biodegradable bags and”a part”Biodegradable bags.With so many types of degradable plastic bags, which one can consumers choose to use? natural selection”all”Degradation, because its degraded goods are not harmful to the natural environment. At present, fully biodegradable plastic bags are a mature technical basis, a good industrial chain foundation and a complete standard monitoring system on the market.Do fully biodegradable plastic bags degrade only in the case of composting? No, composting is just one of the scenarios in which biodegradable plastic bags degrade. Most biodegradable plastic bags will degrade in the natural environment such as soil layer, water or sea surface at reasonable ambient temperature and temperature, and will be dissolved by microorganisms into chemical substances that are harmless to the natural environment. For example, in suitable conditions such as soil and sea surface.PLARaw materials can also degrade in soil layers, sea surfaces and other natural environments.The degradation standards of degradable plastic bags include light, oxygen, heat, water, organisms and microorganisms, especially microorganisms. In daily applications, this factor is not easily achieved at the same time, so we do not need to worry about the degradation of all biodegradable plastic bags during the whole process of use.Degradable plastic bags are the traditional plastic substitutes that the society and the Chinese sales market are more concerned about. However, because they are new materials, they are still in the early stages of industrial production, and require a large amount of investment in product research and development, machinery and equipment, and experimentation. At present, the operating scale of the field is small and loose, and the cost increases. With the gradual improvement of current policies, national standards and market management on degradable plastics and the continuous advancement of plastic pollution control, the creation of green living habits and the spread of degradable plastic bags will eventually be different.

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