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What characteristics should flexible packaging materials have?

Commodities must go through packaging, transportation, sales and other links in the entire circulation process, and each link requires packaging materials to have corresponding characteristics. Therefore, the selection of flexible packaging materials should have the following characteristics. 1. Protection performance. Packaging should protect the contents so that its performance and reliability are not affected by external mechanical factors such as shock or vibration, environmental substances such as water or air, and climatic conditions (such as temperature). 2. Operational performance. For plastic packaging printing materials, the first thing to do is to have printability, or to solve the problem of printing fastness after pretreatment. It is also required to have a certain rigidity and stiffness, can adapt to automatic packaging of packaging machinery, adapt to heat-sealing mechanical sealing, bag making, and has the properties of easy filling and easy opening. 3. Transfer and storage performance. The packaging must have a certain compressive strength, and it is not easy to be damaged when subjected to general pressure in the circulation field. The shape of the packaging should be easy to stack and occupy less space. 4. Promotional performance. The color of packaging should be novel, and the color of decoration and printing should be bright and generous, which is in line with the hobbies of people in the sales area and has market competitiveness. In addition, it is also required to be free of static electricity to avoid dust pollution. For more professional knowledge, please consult ^-^


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