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What did the ancients use for packaging at first, “maybe you can’t think of it”

From ancient times, the use of knotted rope to record things, and then to use oracle bones as writing materials, until the Spring and Autumn Period, bamboo, wood and silk were used as writing materials. However, because silk and silk are very expensive and bamboo pieces are very cumbersome, the paper invented by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han Dynasty came into being. In this way, paper was invented as a writing material in the first place. Is this really the case? Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, and plastic packaging bags are newly discovered by archaeological research. Paper was invented one or two hundred years before Cai Lun. The age of the invention of paper has advanced, so what is it used for? Is it true that the two were written in the beginning? Let’s take a look back at history. Judging from the ancient literature, most of the paper in the Western Han Dynasty entrained many fiber clusters that were not loosened or mashed, just like hemp fibers. The original paper was rough and loose, with an uneven distribution of pulp and a slippery surface, making it unsuitable for writing materials. In the “Hundred Officials and Six Rites Ci” written by Zheng Zhong in the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was written that “the six rituals are all sealed, and this paper is used to seal the table first, and the silk bag is also attached.” The technique here is the procedure of six ceremonies such as marriage. It means that the six rituals should be sealed, and then they are wrapped in paper, and then put into the silk bag again. From this point of view, paper in the Eastern Han Dynasty could be used for packaging. Again, for example, on the paper unearthed from the Xuanquanzhi site in Dunhuang, Gansu, most of them are not written. Even if some are written, they are never written on the first part of the paper, or on the lower left corner. According to expert research, the characters written on these papers are actually the names of medicines in the Han Dynasty. Scholars deduced that if these papers were used to package medicinal materials, the words written on the corners of the paper would just be exposed inside the packaging. It seems that the original paper is very likely to be used for packaging. It turns out that the use of paper as a packaging bag is inherited from ancient times. This ancient tradition of green and environmentally friendly paper packaging must be passed on as an excellent Chinese son and daughter!

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