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What does the biodegradable bag look like?

One of the biodegradable material components used in the production of biodegradable bags: polylactic acid has good gloss and transparency, which is comparable to films made of vinyl, which cannot be provided by other biodegradable products. This feature is very welcome for packaging bag companies. Glossy transparency is a common requirement for packaging bags, but it is difficult for biodegradable materials. Some biodegradable materials either have no gloss, Either the transparency is poor, anyway, it is difficult to include both points, and it becomes ugly when it is degradable if it is satisfied. Wuxi yltpacking The biodegradable bags produced by biodegradable materials have the characteristics of good gloss and transparency, and are suitable for clothing packaging bags. At present, the clothing packaging bags on the market are made of ordinary PE materials. After the PLA stic ban is implemented in many countries and regions, ordinary PE packaging is not feasible, and the packaging materials are required to be degradable and meet local environmental protection requirements. It can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection but also highlight the beauty of the packaging, which is the best of both worlds. Biodegradable bags can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water within 180 days under natural or industrial composting conditions, without polluting the environment.

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