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What effect does paper smoothing have on inking misregistration?

What effect does paper smoothing have on inking misregistration? The smoothness of paper refers to the flatness and smoothness of the surface of the paper, which is an important performance index of the paper. It affects the uniformity and line of ink transfer, the clarity of the dots, and the low smoothness, which is the cause of the unrealistic inking of the printed product. The main factor is that there are small and different spots in the solid part of the printed product, the reproducibility of the tone and level of the image is poor, and the phenomenon of dot loss usually occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the smoothness of the paper meets certain requirements before production. produce high-quality prints. To judge whether the inking of the printed product is caused by the smoothness of the paper, a magnifying glass can be used to observe the inking situation of the printed product, including the switch and distribution of spots on the printed product, and the loss of dots, or by replacing the smoothness under the same conditions. In addition, increase the engraving depth of the printing plate mesh, increase the thickness of the ink layer, appropriately increase the printing pressure, and polish the paper to make the bottom, which can reduce the unevenness of the paper and the inking effect. real impact. Knowledge of flexible packaging bags, more details:

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