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What factors do solvents dissolve in plastics depend on?

What factors do solvents dissolve in plastics depend on? Today I will take you all to find out. The solvent in the ink must be able to dissolve the resin, and have a slightly soluble and roughening effect on the surface of the substrate. The capacity of the solvent on the plastic mainly depends on the following:3factors:1, solvation——Acidity and alkalinity.2The effect of hydrogen bond strength on mutual solubility.3, the solubility parameter. 1, solvation——Acidity and alkalinity.It means that in the solute process, the solvent and the solute molecules are separated from each other and the dissolution force is greater than the cohesive force between the solute molecules, so that the solute molecules can be separated from each other and dissolved in the solvent, that is, the solute and the solvent are acid-base or alkaline. Sex genes of different genera. likePVCBelonging to acidic groups, there is solvation between them. 2The effect of hydrogen bond strength on mutual solubility.Solvents themselves have strengths and weaknesses, and can only dissolve in each other when they are acutely similar and hydrogen bonds are similar. E.g,PPSimilar solubility parameters to ethyl acetate, but not miscible due toPPIs due to strong polarity, and ethyl acetate is polar. 3, the solubility parameter.In most cases, if the solubility parameters of a solvent and a polymer (solute) are exactly in the same range, the polymer can be dissolved. For example, if two or more solvents are organically combined, the solubility is greater than that of any one of the solvents.

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