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What gravure anti-counterfeiting technology?

What is gravure anti-counterfeiting technology? In layman’s terms, the pattern is the use of various lines, organically combined to form a graphic, which not only has a beautiful effect, but also plays a role in anti-counterfeiting.Pattern anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting printing technology with the lowest cost and excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. The main features of pattern anti-counterfeiting are: completely use lines for anti-counterfeiting, which can produce rich changes, anti-counterfeiting design is completed in the process of plate making, realized in printing, no additional cost, high anti-counterfeiting performance, and general general software does not Without the effect of such lines, various anti-counterfeiting effects such as refraction, unlocking, and latent image can be realized by using the pattern anti-counterfeiting production software according to the principles of optics, spectral technology, printing technology and other technologies.The general types of anti-counterfeiting patterns are: shading, flower group, lace, embossing, image processing, latent image, miniature, graphic filtering, etc. Various anti-counterfeiting patterns are directly engraved into gravure by laser, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is realized on the product by printing.

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