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What is a fully biodegradable material?

Biodegradable plastic is a kind of polymer material with excellent properties, which can be decomposed by microorganisms in the natural environment, become inorganic compounds, and become part of nature’s carbon cycle. Fully biodegradable materials are materials that can be decomposed by microorganisms into low-molecular-weight organic compounds under moderate and interpretable geographical environmental standards. Biodegradable porcelain and biodegradable plastic two categories. Biodegradable materials are accompanied by the improvement of people’s concept of protecting the ecological environment, the continuous reduction of coal resources, the replacement of traditional crude oil-based polymers by biodegradable polymers has already become a development trend in the future. Biodegradable packaging bags are easy to produce after waste of non-biodegradable materials”plastic trash”, the solution of this insoluble material has created great technological difficulties and also promoted the development trend of biodegradable materials.Biodegradable materials can be decomposed by microorganisms and are sufficiently harmful to the natural environment.While creating contemporary Chinese social civilization, people also produce some harmful information elements.–plastic trash. Disposable tableware, disposable plastic product companies and their agricultural films in my country can no longer be recycled and used, and their disposal methods are dominated by combustion and landfill. Incineration will result in the need for large quantities of harmful substances, environmental pollution and manipulation of the natural environment;The buried polymer cannot be decomposed by microorganisms in a short period of time, and it also pollutes the ecological environment. The residual plastic film exists in the soil, which blocks the growth and development of the roots and stems of food crops and the digestion and absorption of water and nutrients, reducing the permeability of the soil layer and limiting the production of this food crop.;After taking the discarded plastic film in the posture, it will cause intestinal blockage and death;The man-made fiber fishing nets and fishing lines flowing out into the deep sea or the waste in the deep sea have caused great harm to the biological security of Ocean University. Therefore, it is urgent for them to advocate environmental protection living consumption and further study the privacy protection of the natural environment. In response to the increasingly scarce resources of coal companies, the biotechnological dissolving material management method in line with the trend of the times, as new technology electronic equipment and environmental protection related products, is becoming a systematic research and development network hotspot for students.Biodegradable materials can be divided into two categories according to their entire biodegradation process.One is fully biodegradable materials, such as natural polymer methyl cellulose, polyhexamethyl ester, etc. The key to its decomposition comes from: 1, Because of the rapid growth and development of microorganisms, the physics of plastic structures collapses: 2, Because of the biochemical efficacy of microorganisms, enzyme-catalyzed reactions or strong acid and strong base-catalyzed reactions are under various hydrolysis reactions: 3Oxygen radical chain decay caused by other various factors. Another biodegradable material, such as cassava starch and high-pressure polyethylene mixture, the actual effect of decomposition is mainly due to the damage of additives and the weakening of polymer chains, so that the relative molecular weight of the polymer declines to a level that can be absorbed by microorganisms. into carbon dioxide and water.At present, semi-biodegradable plastics include tapioca starch modified materials high pressure polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene polyethylene, polyethylene and so on. Scientific research has shown that biodegradable plastics based on cornstarch will end up in waste disposal sites and will not be easily exposed to the sun. even ifThere is bidirectional dissolution, and the dissolution is mainly biodegradation, but the high pressure polyethylene is difficult to dissolve.In order to better solve air pollution, although the plastics containing wheat flour are more reasonable than disposable plastic products, biodegradable high-pressure polyethylene or polyester materials are still used as raw materials, so in addition to the added tapioca starch, A lot of residual high-pressure polyethylene or polyester continues to remain, which is not biodegradable, but decomposes into fragments, which cannot be recycled and reused. After entering the soil layer, the situation will be worse, causing confusion in waste disposal. Therefore, biodegradable materials have become a hot spot in the scientific research network of biodegradable materials.

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