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What is a fully biodegradable packaging bag?

Fully biodegradable packaging bags are made from biodegradable raw materials, buried180It cannot be dissolved into water and carbon dioxide after a few days. The soil layer after composting contains nutrients. The biodegradable packaging bag has strong vertical pull and horizontal pull, and the pull force and bearing force are twice that of traditional bags. Fully biodegradable packaging bags can be customized according to customer requirements, including specifications, colors, specifications, printing and packaging, etc.The raw materials used to make biodegradable packaging bags are mainly corn and other crops, cassava starch. They have high-quality biodegradability and can be degraded by microorganisms in the soil layer within one year after being discarded.CO2andH2O, and no damage, zero environmental pollution to the geographical environment. The ecological protection of biodegradable packaging bags lies in the use of30%The green tapioca starch replaces the high-density polyethylene plastic, so that the tapioca starch can guarantee the same effect as the plastic, which improves the industry’s feeling that the tapioca starch composition is the highest in the industry.10%-20%limit. The biodegradable packaging bag is better than the general logistics company black bag in terms of adhesion tensile strength, ecological environmental protection, puncture tensile strength, pendulum destruction resistance, oblique angle tearing force and tensile strength.According to the retting fertilizer, the biodegradable packaging bag can be dissolved in more than half a year90%above. Biodegradable packaging can dissolve into carbon dioxide and water within a year, provided the temperature and relative air humidity are suitable. Compared with traditional plastic packaging bags, biodegradable packaging bags have the characteristics of ecological and environmental protection. Ignition of traditional packaging bags can lead to a lot of carbon dioxide and harmful substances. Burial stratifies air-contaminated soil, which in turn contaminates groundwater, which is particularly damaging to the geographic environment. Biodegradable packaging bag is a packaging bag based on bio-based, using bio-based,PBAT(Prepolymers of butylene adipate and butylene terephthalate)and other raw materials.PBATAt present, it is an important raw material for biodegradable plastic film. Such raw materials are not only biodegradable, but also compostable.Biodegradable packaging bags are very strict in the selection of raw materials, not only to consider the specifications of dissolution, but also to be no less than the characteristics of general packaging bags. In addition, the raw materials of biodegradable packaging bags have high temperature requirements. Whether it is the whole process of film blowing or the whole process of making packaging bags, the temperature should be as consistent as possible with the raw materials. Once the temperature is not well controlled, it cannot be produced and manufactured. And the characteristics of the facilities are also very demanding.

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