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What is a fully biodegradable PLA stic bag?

What is a fully biodegradable PLA stic bag?Fully biodegradable PLA stic bags: fully biodegradable PLA stics are mainly composed of natural polymers(Such as starch, cellulose, chitin)Or agricultural and sideline products are made by microbial fermentation or synthetic biodegradable polymers, such as thermo PLA stic starch PLA stics, aliphatic polyesters, polylactic acid, starch/Polyvinyl alcohol and the like belong to this type of PLA stic.A brief description of the technical characteristics of fully biodegradable PLA stic bags 1, In the biodegradable formula, all completely biodegradable components are selected, so that the products can be recycled after being used and discarded.100%Biodegradation, eventually producing carbon dioxide and water. 2,starch,PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)1. Polycaprolactone has good compatibility, and various natural additives are added to make the various properties of the product close to or exceed those of ordinary PLA stics. 3The production of this product has formed a unique technological process in the whole process of mixing, granulating, extrusion molding, blow molding, etc., and can carry out industrial production continuously and stably.In the past ten years, PLA stic has penetrated into all walks of life due to its convenience, and has entered thousands of households. At the same time, it has brought huge environmental pollution. Various international and domestic environmental protection policies, copyrights, laws and regulations, and environmental protection bills have been introduced one after another. It proves that the demand for biodegradable PLA stics is gradually becoming normalized and industrialized, and the development of biodegradable PLA stics is entering a golden period of vigorous development.fully biodegradable PLA sticPBSIt is obtained by condensation polymerization of butanediol, succinic acid and other components. It has stable performance during use, and can be finally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by enzymes in microorganisms or animals and PLA nts in the environment of compost, soil, water and activated sludge after use, and has good biocompatibility and bioabsorbability , friendly to the environment, is a radical cure for traditional PLA stics”White pollution”recipe. .


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