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What is a packaging coil? – Packaging bag printing

There is no clear and strict definition of roll film in the packaging industry, but it is just a common name in the industry. Simply speaking, it is a rolled packaging film. For packaging manufacturers, it is only one less process than the production of finished bags. It is also consistent with plastic packaging bags. The common ones are PVC shrink film roll film, opp roll film, pe roll film, pet protective film, composite roll film, etc. The roll film is used in automatic packaging machines, such as the common bagged shampoo, some wet wipes, etc., which use this packaging mode. The cost of film packaging is relatively low, but it needs to be matched with an automatic packaging machine. In addition, we also see a roll film application in daily life. In small shops that sell cups of milk tea, porridge, etc., we often see a sealing machine for on-site packaging. The sealing film used is the roll film. The most common roll film packaging is bottle packaging, and heat shrinkable roll film is generally used, such as some cola, mineral water, etc., especially for non-cylindrical shaped bottles, heat shrinkable roll film is commonly used. [Packaging bag printing] The structure of the composite roll film is to formulate a certain structure according to the characteristics of the built-in object, generally there are three layers and four layers. Outer material polyester, nylon, stretch polypropylene, paper and other materials. Intermediate layer material: aluminum foil, aluminized film, polyester, nylon, etc. The inner layer material is cast polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. According to the material of the three layers, different composite roll film structures are formulated. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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