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What is a penguin bag? What are its characteristics?

Friends who are new to packaging may not have heard the term penguin bag, but do not know what a penguin bag is? What is the use? What are the features? Today, let’s learn about the penguin bag. In fact, the penguin bag is also called the penguin bag of the composite film sealing bag. It is widely used in daily life and mainly has the following characteristics: 1. Because the surface is easy to print various patterns, it has a strong visual effect, which is conducive to improving the image and popularity of the product, which is also the advantage of the penguin bag over the ordinary traditional packaging. place. 2. Wide range of packaging applications, such as: packaging jelly, jam, beverages, water, condiments, daily cosmetics, medical supplies, washing supplies, etc. 3. There are rich packaging forms and functions. At present, there are many types of mouthpieces for penguin bags, such as screw cap suction nozzles, pump straws, open nozzles, etc. The packaging forms are also enriched accordingly. 4. Light weight, generally only a few grams to twenty grams, easy to carry. 5. Wide capacity range. The capacity range of the penguin bag is 40-1500ml, which can meet the packaging needs of different capacities. 6. It is convenient to pour or absorb the contents, the lid is easy to open, it is very convenient to use, and it can be closed and opened repeatedly. 7. Can be used for high temperature cooking. The penguin bag has good sealing performance and high temperature resistance, and can well meet the necessary technical requirements such as sealing, bag breaking, delamination, and anti-dropping requirements for high-temperature cooking. 8. Low recovery cost. Compared with plastic bottles, metal bottles, glass bottles, etc., the actual volume of the penguin bag is only 3%~10% of theirs. It is very environmentally friendly and very convenient to recycle. The penguin bag penguin bag (self-supporting nozzle bag) produced by our YLTpacking is a relatively novel packaging form, and the above characteristics are also the advantages of its popularity in the market. However, the shortcomings of the penguin bag are also very obvious. It cannot be used for the packaging of carbonated beverages, because it belongs to the category of flexible packaging and is currently not suitable for the packaging of carbonated beverages.

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