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What is a self-supporting composite packaging bag

The self-supporting composite packaging bag is the first to use the self-supporting composite bag for sale, which has a good sale effect and is easy to use. Compared with stand-up bags such as four-side sealing and eight-side sealing, stand-up bags have the advantage of being easy to use. Tea packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags Self-supporting composite packaging bags are custom-made composite materials with different properties. According to your product requirements or professional suggestions, composite different raw materials: aluminum foil, transparent plastic, paper plastic, roll film and popular degradable material. Quality assurance of self-supporting composite packaging bags: Internal testing strictly enforces bag standards for composite packaging bags to ensure hygiene and safety; rigorous QS quality inspection ensures quality and aesthetics. Provide accurate product quality inspection data with each shipment. At the beginning of the cooperation, if there are special requirements, such as different requirements for oxygen transmission rate, the self-supporting composite packaging bag will be sent to the batch inspection. food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags

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