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What is a shaped bag

Due to its unique shape, the special-shaped bag has a strong appeal to consumers, and has gradually become one of the means for flexible packaging manufacturers to improve their selling points and enhance product competitiveness, and has gradually become popular in foreign markets.Special-shaped bag is a kind of commonly used regular three-side sealing bag, middle-sealing bag, four-side sealing bag with different and special flexible packaging bags, which are widely used in food, daily chemicals, toys, medicine, electronics and other fields. Common special-shaped bags in life include three-side sealing bags, self-supporting special-shaped bags, self-supporting nozzle bags, special-shaped bags, etc.Generally, the composite film used is two-layer composite, three-layer composite, and four-layer composite, and the material structure can be combined according to customers.The two-layer compound has:OPP/VMPET;VMPET/PE(Commonly used in toy packaging bags);OPP/VMCPP(Commonly used in food packaging bags) and so on.The three-layer compound has:MATOPP/VMPET/PE;OPP/VMPET/PE(Commonly used in mask bags);PET/VMPET/PE(often used in shampoo bags)Four-layer compound bag:PET/NY/VMPET/PE. Adding ninon film can increase the softness of the composite bag.With the continuous expansion of the demand for special-shaped bags, their production and processing are also increasingly batch and standardized. The main processing technology is divided into typesetting, printing, compounding, bag making, die cutting, mouth filling and other steps. The processing points are typesetting, bag making, and die cutting. and other processes.


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