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What is aluminized composite film?

The aluminized film is also known as metal film and vacuum aluminized film. It is an aluminized film with aluminum metallic luster formed by solidifying the aluminum vaporized atoms on the film surface by vacuum evaporation on the plastic film. Its appearance is as attractive as aluminum plating, but the packaging cost is much lower than that of aluminum foil. There are three vacuum evaporation plating processes: single chamber method, double chamber method and continuous evaporation plating method. The main equipment of vacuum aluminum plating film is aluminum plating machine, which mainly includes vacuum tank, winding system, winding drive system, evaporation crucible, vacuum pumping equipment, cooling tower drum, numerical control operating system and accessory devices. Vacuum evaporation can also be used to evaporate metals with low boiling points, such as aluminum, nickel, lead, etc. Recently, silicon oxide and silicon nitride can also be evaporated on plastic films to form evaporation materials with high barrier properties. The cooling drum has single and double strands.

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