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What is an anti-misopening zipper bag? Where does it apply?

The 21st century is the century of innovation. The rapid change of today’s society comes from innovation, and innovation is the first driving force for development. The packaging bag industry is in a social wave, and it is also constantly innovating techniques and inventing many highly practical packaging bags. So, do you know what is an anti-misopening zipper bag? Where does it apply? Today, the editor will show you the new type of packaging bag that prevents mis-opening of the zipper bag. All innovative designs are derived from the needs of life and serve life. The original intention of the anti-misopening zipper bag is also because there have been many accidental injuries such as children accidentally swallowing harmful products in life. In my country, accidental injury has become the main culprit in the death of children aged 0-14, and one out of every three children who die is accidental injury. And this kind of anti-misopening zipper bag can effectively prevent children from accidentally opening it. First of all, it is a two-bone zipper set that, when completely closed, requires a special way to open it. No matter where the child exerts force on the zipper tape, the two zipper tapes will not be easily opened, which can effectively prevent children from opening some items that adults do not want to be opened by children due to curiosity, especially some harmful to children. items. The speciality of preventing the wrong opening of the zipper bag makes it shine in the fields of tobacco and pharmaceutical packaging. Families with children can also consider purchasing. They can pack those products that are harmful to children in their lives, which is very practical. Here we recommend our YLTpacking anti-misopening zipper bags to everyone, and friends in need can contact us.

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