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What is easy tear cover film

The easy-tear cover film packaging is an important member of the easy-open packaging family. It consists of a relatively thick, relatively rigid bowl-shaped container and a layer of soft, easy-to-tear lid.The easy-tear cover film first appeared in the packaging of instant noodles and bowl noodles, and then the packaging of tofu, yogurt, jelly, pudding, etc. also appeared with easy-tear cover film.The easy-tear cover film has the following requirements: 1. Higher barrier properties. Because tofu, yogurt, jelly, pudding, etc. are some very easily spoiled and spoiled foods, and most of these foods are stored at room temperature, and some require a longer shelf life, usually3It takes about a month to half a year, so the barrier property of the easy-to-tear cover film material is very important. Usually the easy-tear cover film adopts a relatively high composite structure.Second, moderate heat sealing. The easy-tear cover film must be firmly sealed and not easily damaged during production, storage, transportation, sales, and carrying, but it must be easy to tear when it is used. Because, like jelly, yogurt, biscuits and other food consumption objects are mainly children. The seal should be firm and easy to tear open. This is a difficulty with easy-to-peel lidding films.Third, the sealing should have good anti-pollution and low temperature heat sealing. Because the easy-tear cover film is often polluted by filling materials such as powder and liquid during the packaging process, at the same time, with the advancement of technology, the packaging speed is also constantly improving.Fourth, the film should have good shrinkage. Because the easy-tear cover film is a combination of the film and the cup body, after the packaged contents are cooled, the volume will shrink to a certain extent. If the film shrinks accordingly, the package will appear full, flat and smooth, with good results.5. In the packaging of yogurt and other foods, the film also has a special requirement, which is easy to perforate, so as to facilitate habitual use.In addition, many occasions also require that the easy-tear cover film is not completely torn, but only half. This requires that the torn cover film can stand up rather than bounce back to cover. The all-plastic cover film has a relatively strong resilience. In order not to rebound, an aluminum-plastic composite cover film is required in many occasions.The earliest easy-tear cover film is a composite structure of aluminum foil and hot melt adhesive. Because the materials used in the production of aluminum foil are all pure99%High quality aluminum above. This high-purity, high-quality aluminum consumes a surprising amount of energy during the production process and is expensive. Therefore, the surface materials of the current easy-to-tear cover films are mostly nylon, polyester or paper; the intermediate barrier layer is vacuum-plated, and some arePETCoated with silicon oxide or aluminum oxide. However, this film has a drawback, that is, it is not transparent.

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