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What is the best material for packaging bags for dried fruits and nuts?

1. The materials of food packaging bags are matched according to actual needs; here are several bag-shaped three-side sealing mixed nut packaging bags/YOPP+AL+PE+UV process. The UV process is mainly to print the packaging bags. The content is clear and the appearance is improved, and the choice of AL (pure aluminum) is to seal the moisture-proof and retain the fragrance, and the second is to improve the overall texture of the bag and conform to the positioning of the product. Windowed self-supporting dried fruit zipper bag/YOPP+VMPET+PE Generally, 200~500 grams will be windowed. There are two reasons for using YOPP (matte film) to compound VMPET. One is to improve the texture and aesthetics of the bag. The second is anti-wrinkle. In the case of multiple reuse, the bags made of BOPP will not appear wrinkled, which will affect the aesthetics. Eight-side sealing nut packaging bag/kraft paper+VMPET+PE+UV process The material of kraft paper is mainly to improve the aesthetics and three-dimensional sense of the bag. The three-dimensional sense of the eight-side sealing packaging bag is already very good. Features infinite magnification. This can not only visually attract specific consumer groups, but also psychologically capture consumers’ excitement and desire to buy. If you want to know more about the matching of food packaging bag materials, you can consult our customer service! food bags, food packaging bags

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