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What is the current development trend of biodegradable material packaging

Considering the current prohibition and restriction policies on single-use non-degradable plastics and the promotion and marketing of degradable plastics in China, the regulations on degradable plastics in China are relatively sufficient. From the perspective of my country’s total output and total output, it is still not possible to achieve all aspects. The dissolving and plastic sales market will maintain a relatively high price for a short period of time, and the field will also maintain a relatively high level of profitability.Because of the current characteristics of several types of biodegradable plastics on the market, it is unlikely to generate multi-directional market demand in a short period of time. With the gradual improvement of the specialty of modified engineering plastics for biodissolvable materials, the market demand will be stronger. In the long run, there are many uncertainties in the development trend of the industrial production of biodegradable plastic business risk. At present, the sales market of biodegradable plastics is expected to rely heavily on the current macroeconomic policies. However, at present, the raw materials for the production of biodegradable fast food boxes have not yet provided preferential policies and detailed regulatory and preventive measures for service facilities in the field of cassava starch-based biodissolving raw materials. The sustainability of government costs and fees also remains to be seen.The second is the market competitiveness in the field. At present, the cost of biodegradable plastics is still far beyond the basicPP,PEand products in many low-end applications (such as agricultural machinery, rubber and plastic products) are marketed by brands with high consumer price sensitivity. The application prospect of the original creator also depends on the effect of the interior space design of the whole industry chain. It slows down due to reasons such as disapproval of the industry and the trend of professional development, and it is more difficult to promote the planning of industrial chain construction and cannot be sustained.The third is the actual effect risk. At present, the melting of many degradable plastics is based on the accurate measurement of the actual effect under the centralized transportation standard of industrialized production of retting fertilizer. There is a risk that the above melting requirements can be guaranteed after actual use. The actual effect of the decline of biodegradable environmentally friendly lunch box raw materials under the terrain and landforms also needs to be verified, which is also related to whether the original intention of the development direction of the industrial chain can be carried out.

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