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What is the difference betwee compound paper bag and other paper bag?

What is the difference betwee compound paper bag and other paper bag?

Most cowhide compound bag for carrying on market, light and light for the purpose, but often ignore the quality of the leather compound bag, sometimes start with also think you can, but most of the water, or containing items after extrusion, easy to deformation, damage. Appear these phenomenon is one of the most important reason is the compound bag leather materials are good enough.

compound paper bag

The leather we produce is composed of multi-layer composite paper bags, and a protective film is coated on the paper with special materials, so that the bag is not afraid of liquid splashing and rupture, which has a waterproof effect; The material is optional from imported yellow kraft paper or white kraft paper, or bags that can be lined with. The size is customized, and the bag type is diversified to meet customer needs.

Most ordinary paper bag, or appearance beautiful enough, or quality of a material is bad, let users can not get the biggest use requirements, and our company leather composite paper bag, whether it’s appearance, or quality, are improved.Whether their clothes, or a small gift can choose our cowhide composite paper bag. 
As we this kind of leather compound bag is on the basis of the ordinary paper plus a few procedures, make it more meet our requirements, and cowhide compound bag is non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, and meet the national environmental protection standards, has high strength, high environmental protection, is one of the most popular in the modern economic development environmental protection packaging materials.Cowhide composite paper bag believe everyone understand, when we go shopping, often will use this kind of bag.

Finally We could do all kinds of composite bag, such as: stand up zipper bag, kraft paper bag, s. Three side zipper bag.flat bottom zipper bag. Coffee bag, fruit bag etc. Welcome to send us an inquiry, we will provide best price, best serivce and best quality to you. 

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