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What is the difference between degradable plastics and fully biodegradable plastics?

long ago20world90Times, the sales market has produced some fully biodegradable plastic products. Take plastic bags for packaging products as an example. At that time, high pressure polyethylene(PE)Raw materials are widely used in the market, but because there is no strong policy support, the cost of manpower dissolution is relatively high(Ultraviolet light, active oxygen, causticization, photo-oxygen catalysis and other technical solutions are required), which is not widely used. In recent years, ecological environmental protection has become a theme style that the world pays attention to. my country has promulgated a series of current policies, such as plastic restrictions, including policy support and process development trends. Fully biodegradable commodities are widely used in today’s society.Although this type of plastic can dissolve, it cannot dissolve completely. In addition, some dissolving agents themselves also have certain air pollution damage, which is one of the factors that we should fully advocate fully degradable plastics.Because the above biodegradable commodities are mainly crude oil-based commodities dissolved by chemical changes rather than organic chemistry of microbial strains. Therefore, they cannot be completely converted into organic compounds. In turn, they are transformed into small debris into the natural environment, resulting in so-called microplastics(microplastics, the aperture is5mm)Environmental pollution. This microplastic is ingested into the food web by small animals and can eventually be re-integrated into human society according to the ecosystem, causing major problems. Naturally, it is stipulated that plastic products are fully dissolved, the technical standards are higher, and the cost is higher.The above fully degradable plasticPLA+PBATThe carbon chain structure includes the carbon-oxygen residue atomic structure. Due to polarization, the distribution of extra-atomic charges is uneven, and it is more likely to be dissolved by other nucleophilic compounds, small molecular water, and further by bacteria.In addition, another advantage of choosing this kind of heteromolecular frame structure of plastic products is that the heteromolecular bond can be higher than that of carbon-carbon bond, so the temperature resistance of the raw material is stronger,PEplastic bag(about70℃)It is not easy to be burned by food.Because plastic degradation has so many benefits, a credential for plastic degradation testing is crucial.

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