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What is the difference between engraving gravure printing and corrosion gravure printing of flexible packaging bags?

There is little difference in performance between engraved gravure and corrosion gravure, but the service life of the two is quite different.engraved intaglio surfaceVAfter the grooves are worn, the depth of the grooves becomes shallow, and as theVshape groove bottom width narrows asVThe width of the bottom of the groove becomes narrower, the area of the dot becomes smaller, the amount of ink on the groove gradually decreases, and the ink color becomes lighter rapidly, resulting in the scrapping of the printing plate. If the depth of engraving gravure is not well controlled during the engraving process, it will also affect the printing quality. If it is too deep, it will easily cause ghosting during the printing process. If it is too shallow, it will affect the service life of the printing plate.Corrosion gravure surface isUWith the wear of the printing plate, the depth of the groove becomes shallower, but the area of the dots does not change, and as the ink volume decreases slowly, the printing color does not change much, so its service life is relatively long. .

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