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What is the difference between gravure and offset printing quality?

Due to different printing methods, there are many differences in the printing quality from their respective printed products. 1. The outline of the solid text. Offset solid text does not require dots, and its edges are smooth, just like the original text. Gravure printing must have meshes in any occasion. Due to the spaced meshes from each other, the outline edges of solid text printed using gravure appear jagged. 2. The ink in the solid part has different shades. This phenomenon is unique to the use of low-viscosity inks in gravure printing. When the ink in the depth of the mesh is transferred to the substrate such as paper, the thickness is uneven, and small spots of different shades appear. Countermeasures: Adjust ink viscosity, mesh angle (screen angle), change mesh depth and shape, etc. 3. Hue changes. The same color ink, when the thickness of the ink film is different, the hue is also different. The offset printing layer is expressed by the size of the dot, and the thickness of the ink layer is theoretically unchanged (strictly speaking, there are differences); the gravure printing method, especially the method of expressing the layer by the depth of the mesh, the thickness of the ink film varies with the depth of the mesh. Therefore, the change of hue, which is not considered in the glue, will occur according to the different layers in the gravure, but this phenomenon is not easy to appear for the gravure with a certain mesh depth. For more packaging bag knowledge,

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