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What is the difference between kraft paper food packaging bags and ordinary kraft paper packaging bags?

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use kraft paper as packaging bags, the main reason is that kraft paper as packaging gives people a simple, environmentally friendly, retro and fashionable life concept. Affected by these concepts, consumers prefer kraft paper packaging rather than plastic packaging when choosing products, which has led many businesses to join the craze in the use of kraft paper packaging bags, among which daily necessities, clothing, footwear, Food and other industries are the most widely used. Today we will talk about the difference between kraft paper food packaging bags and ordinary kraft paper bags! Ordinary kraft paper bags are made of pure paper. Although they can be completely degraded, they also have shortcomings. For example, they cannot bear relatively large weights, have poor water resistance, and cannot be directly printed. If they are used to store food, the oil resistance is not good. Do not come into direct contact with food. Kraft paper food bags just solve the problem of pure kraft paper. Kraft paper food bags are actually made of kraft paper and a layer of food-grade PE lamination. Therefore, it is also called kraft paper composite food bag. The kraft paper composite food bag can be directly contacted without contaminating the food. It has good water and oil resistance. The printing effect is not much different from that of the plastic packaging bag. Because the toughness of the plastic is higher than that of the kraft paper bag, the load-bearing capacity is also improved. Improvement, such as the kraft paper composite rice packaging bag can bear more than 20kg. Of course, the disadvantage is that it cannot be 100% degraded. Much better than plastic bags! Food bags, food packaging bags The production cost of kraft paper in today’s market is still very high. I believe that the production process of kraft paper will become more and more mature in the future, and the cost will be relatively reduced, making more merchants because of the high quality and low price of kraft paper packaging bags. the first choice!

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