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What is the difference between plastic bags printing and paper bags printing

Many customers will have questions, what is the difference between plastic printing and paper printing? Why do you still need a custom copper plate? What is the effect of copperplate printing? Let us share with you what are the differences between them?First of all, the two printing materials are different, the difference between plastic and paper, the printing ability of paper will be better, it is easy to print, and the ink is easy to adhere to. Plastic printing is different from paper printing. The adsorption capacity of plastic will be much worse, and the plastic itself will have an anti-oxidation effect. The copper plate is required for printing, and the printing process will be much more complicated than that of paper.Second, the two inks cannot be used interchangeably. Because the printing materials are different, the printing inks used are different, and even if the plastic film of the same material is used, but if different printing methods are used, the printing methods include gravure printing and flexographic printing, and printing speed. and embossing, or”table print”and”Riyin”Different, the printing effect will be different.

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