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What is the difference between the colors of kraft paper bags

In our impression, there are two colors of kraft paper, white and yellow. In the application of the food packaging industry, the material of kraft paper is mainly made of plant fibers. Compared with plastic bags, it is more green and environmentally friendly, and its texture is also very good. , which is conducive to product sales, so kraft paper packaging bags are favored by many businesses. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Customers who are customizing kraft paper packaging bags for the first time or taking stock orders will encounter a problem. The colors of the kraft paper packaging bags purchased by different manufacturers are different? Buying spot is especially obvious. Why does chromatic aberration occur? Some customers will think that it is a quality problem on the side of the packaging bag manufacturer. Quality problems are inevitable, but the main reason is the problem of the kraft paper itself. As we all know, the main raw material of kraft paper is plant fiber, among which kraft paper made from conifer wood fiber is the most common. Different plant fibers show different colors, such as pine wood pulp and bamboo wood pulp. The difference in the age, season and growth environment of the trees will also produce different colors, and the fiber content will also affect the color difference. In order to avoid the problem of large color difference, kraft paper will be improved by adding dyeing process during the manufacturing process (note that this is only an improvement, not a complete solution). Therefore, different batches of kraft paper raw materials will have a certain color difference in it more or less. So how to determine the color of the kraft paper bag we want? There are two ways, one is to determine through the original sample bag, and communicate with the packaging bag manufacturer. The second is to specify the gram weight of kraft paper. Generally, the gram weight of kraft paper used for food packaging is between 30 and 60g. Kraft paper packaging bag display:

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